Download one of our addiction e-books to get an in-depth look at the addiction treatment process, the emotional and physical impact of drugs, and how to cope when addiction enters your life. Each ebook is a free download and opens as a pdf.

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Available ebooks:

The Information You Need To Provide To Rehab Cover

The Information You Need To Provide To Rehab: Learn what you should provide your Rehab center with.

5 Emotions E-book Preview

5 Emotions You May Experience When Going to Rehab: Learn how to constructively manage your emotions.


How to Communicate with Someone in Rehab: Find out what is appropriate to say to your loved one in rehab.

Palcohol E-book

Palcohol: Learn what Palcohol means for the future of drug adddiction.

How to Stop Enabling E-book

How to Stop Enabling: Find out if your attempt to help is actually causing more harm.

Traveling to Rehab E-book

Traveling to Rehab: How to prepare to travel to addiction treatment center away from home.

Signs your loved one has a Substance Abuse Problem

Signs Your Partner has a Substance Abuse: 90 Signs to help you determine if your loved one has a problem.

After Rehab E-book

What To Do After Rehab: Adjusting to Life After Rehab.

What is IOP E-Book Download

What is IOP: Learn more about Intensive Outpatient Programs and whether it is the right choice for you or your loved one.

Psychoanalytic E-Book

Psychoanalytic Therapy: Also Known as Talk Therapy is an addiction treatment option.

Spirituality and Addiction E-Book

Spirituality and Addiction: How Spirituality can impacts Addiction Recovery.

Signs of Addiction E-book

Signs of Addiction: 10 Behavioral Signs of Addiction to look for and why recognizing them is important.

Tramadol Ebook Cover

The Tramadol Effect: This prescription painkiller is useful for some, but also very addictive.

Science of Drug Abuse E-Book

What is Addiction?: Learn how addiction affects the body and mind from a scientific perspective.

How Inpatient Rehab Works E-Book

How Inpatient Rehab Works: An Overview of the Inpatient Rehab Process and support tips.