What Are the Costs of Becoming Addicted?

There are a variety of costs and expenses associated with addiction.

The National Institute of Drug Abuse estimates that addiction costs the nation roughly $559 billion per year. Along with the costs of purchasing drugs or alcohol, there are costs related to healthcare, lost productivity, and crime.

Cost of Drugs and Alcohol

The cost of these substances can vary significantly; however, there is a factor that many individuals can overlook. As an individual uses drugs, he or she will gradually build up a tolerance to the substance. As a result, he or she may start using more of the substance throughout a single day.

Since the cost of a drug can vary, the risks and expenses associated with purchasing the substance can quickly add up. Generally, the cost will increase until it becomes difficult to pay for other necessities, says Forbes.

Healthcare Costs

What Are the Costs of Becoming Addicted?

The cost of healthcare can be difficult to determine. The Breining Institute estimates that alcohol-related healthcare expenses cost almost $19 billion each year. Drug use is almost $10 billion more in healthcare costs.

Going to the emergency room after an accident or overdose can cost thousands of dollars.

Furthermore, a loved one may become sick or may develop severe complications after using a substance for an extended period of time. The cost of treatment for kidney failure, liver damage, or other organ damage can add up quickly.

Legal Costs

Along with the fees and costs associated with healthcare, there is the potential to face legal fees and expenses. Being charged with driving under the influence of a substance or a DUI can result in high-cost fees and jail time.

Furthermore, hiring a lawyer after being charged with any drug-related offense can result in the loss of thousands of dollars.

Lost Income

What Are the Costs of Becoming Addicted?

Forbes states that there is also the cost of lost income. When an individual is paid by the hour, he or she may lose hundreds of dollars for every single day that he or she is not able to work.

Losing a job can also result in the loss of personal income. There are many other problems that make their way into the workplace causing a loss of income one way or another.

Making a Change

There are several costs associated with addiction, and not just expense of purchasing drugs or alcohol. The amount of money can add up with healthcare expenses, the loss of income, the cost of legal fees, or other charges.

Instead of allowing an addiction to take over your finances or the finances of a loved one, it is better to invest the money into treatment. By investing the money into yourself, it is possible to make a change and enjoy a healthier and happier lifestyle.

If you are concerned about a loved one or if you are worried about your use of substances, then it may be time to seek treatment. We can help you or a loved one start recovering from addiction.