House Manager Doreen Hunziker

Q:  Doreen, your 22 years at Alternatives In Treatment makes you the most tenured employee.  How does that feel?
A:  I compare it to watching a child become an adult.  The maturation of a program is an amazing the thing to watch.

Q:  Do you remember that first day on the job?
A:  I remember feeling some apprehension.  But I also knew many of my fellow employees, so I was quickly made to feel comfortable.  I didn’t realize that it would be the beginning of such a long and exciting journey.

Q:  I’m sure you’ve seen a whole lot of changes in your time here.  Which do you consider most significant?
A:  The program has broadened to encompass many more aspects of everyday living and we’re aware of more details that are pertinent to the success our clients’ recovery.

Q:  What are some of the challenges you face in working with our clients?
A:  Keeping it fresh.  Keeping up with the times and being willing to make changes in myself to remain contemporary.

Q:  What are some of the rewards?
A:  At Alumni Gratitude Night, every year, I get to see how recovery has changed clients’ lives. Some quickly and others slowly, but it’s always changes for the better.

Q:  Knowing you as I do, I realize that every one of our clients is special to you.  Is there any case that you remember as “extra special”?
A:  Of course certain client memories that reveal the miracle of recovery are especially memorable.  But I can’t recall a specific one that sticks in my mind more than what I’ve seen recently. Simply stated, seeing the ripple effect of recovery on the families of our clients is always amazing to see, time and time again.

Q:  What keeps you interested in your work?
A:  Clients are like snowflakes:  no 2 are exactly alike.  Addiction is the common denominator, but we have to account for the differences each one brings to treatment. Consideration for the unique needs of each new individual I encounter is what keeps me interested in my work.

Q:  Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today.  Is there anything you’d like to add about your work or say about Alternatives In Treatment?
A:  Every client deserves our full attention and respect.  As long as I approach my work with a positive attitude, it will be a good day.