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90 signs of substance abuse problem

A drug or alcohol addiction can go unnoticed for long periods of time, taking partners and family members by surprise when the addiction become apparent. Spouses or partners are usually the first to suspect a substance abuse problem, but may feel guilty believing their loved on could have an addiction. There are obvious signs of substance abuse or addiction even when the person using is trying to hide them.

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These signs of addiction may be physical, behavioral, or psychological. Some signs only become apparent when the person is using a specific drug, such as alcohol or cocaine. In this guide you will find a list of 90 signs your loved one may be abusing drugs including substance-specific signs.
In This Guide:

  • Recognizing Substance Use in a Loved One
  • Primary Signs of Addiction
  • Physical and Behavioral Indicators of Drug Abuse
  • How To Help Your Loved One
  • and More
Sign a Loved One has a Substance Abuse Problem

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