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How Do you Go Back to “Real Life” after Rehab?

After Rehab: Transitioning

Addiction treatment turns people’s lives upside-down. It’s all for the best, helping individuals get sober and discover truths about themselves so they can continue growing long after rehab.

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This is the perfect guide for anyone about to transition from inpatient addiction treatment or a sober living facility back to their daily life. This guide can also help loved ones create an environment that will be healthy and supportive.

You’ll learn:

  • How the best rehabs help you create a plan for transition
  • How to integrate the structured activities from rehab into a healthy lifestyle
  • Warning signs of relapse
  • How to build a support system
After Rehab Relapse

The transition home can be a wonderful and exciting part of the treatment process. Download this book to make sure it is the best possible transition.

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