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E-Book on Signs of Addiction

Learning to recognize the signs of addiction is the first step towards helping someone get the treatment and professional help he or she needs. Suspecting someone of abusing alcohol and drugs may cause you to feel anxious or scared and can be an overwhelming experience. But the sooner you recognize the signs and take the first step, the sooner your loved one can get on the path to recovery.

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Although the use of different drugs or alcohol have different effects, individuals abusing drugs tend to show similar behavioral issues. Signs of abuse range from change in friends to tardiness from work or school. By knowing the signs, you are one step closer to getting help for your loved one.
In This Guide:

  • Drug Increase Among Americans
  • Why Recognizing the Signs of Addiction Matters
  • Top 10 Signs of Addiction
  • and much more
Sign of Addiction

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Behavioral Signs of Addiction
Top 10 Signs of Addiction