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Science of Drug Abuse Ebook

Substance addiction is a pandemic that affects millions of people of all ages, social backgrounds, and financial classes.
Addiction is not discriminatory of gender or race, and it can destroy the lives and futures of even the most successful individuals. People who suffer with substance addiction do not necessarily fit a particular type and mold. A person struggling with substance abuse cannot merely ‘snap out of it’.

In This E-Book You Will Learn:

  • Biological Factors Influencing Addiction
  • Environmental Factors Influencing Addiction
  • Addiction and the Brain
  • Treatment and Recovery

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Science of Drug Abuse E-Book
Environmental Factors and Addiction
Addiction and the Brain
“Timing is perhaps one of the most important roles in addiction. Although anyone of any age can develop addictive behaviors, adolescents are particularly susceptible to dependency. The reasons for this is that the adolescent brain is underdeveloped and particularly short on reasoning skills.”

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