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How Spiriituality Helps Addiction

More than 80% of Americans believe in a greater power. Addiction affects not only the body and mind, but also the spirit. Along with tools based on psychological and physical needs, spirituality can also play a role in addiction recovery. The 12-step program, popularized by Alcoholics Anonymous, calls upon spirituality based actions such as meditation, prayer, conscious contact with a “power greater than ourselves,” and personal searching.

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The use of spirituality within addiction treatment can be traced back to the 18th century, when Native American cultural and religious movements incorporated spiritual methods into alcohol cessation movements. It is shown that when spirituality is involved in a person’s life, whether a belief in God or other higher power, the risk of drug and alcohol abuse is decreased.
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  • Roots of Spirit Based Treatment
  • Alcoholics Anonymous and Spirituality
  • Impact of Religion on Teen Substance Abuse
  • and much more
Spirituality and Addiction

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