Drug Addiction Questionaire

Sometimes it’s difficult to see ourselves the way others see us. Don’t shy away from being real with yourself. Take our Drug Addiction Questionnaire to see if you need help. Click here for more information.

Drug Addiction Facts

Treating drug addiction effectively requires developing a customized plan for each individual. learn more about what makes these drugs addictive and how they can harm not only the person using them, but the people around them as well. Click here for more information.


It’s only natural to have questions about drug and alcohol treatment centers and programs. To learn the answer to some frequently asked questions, click here.

Addiction Legal Resources

The laws that govern alcohol and drug use can be helpful for understanding options pertaining to getting treatment for yourself or a loved one. Learn more about the legal resources available to you: Click here.


Alternatives in Treatment accepts many different insurance plans to help you afford the best treatment possible for your needs. Learn more about which plans we accept: Click here for more information.


Get an in-depth analysis on the process of addiction treatment and how drugs affect your life and the life of those around you. All ebooks are a free resource provided by Alternatives in Treatment. Click here to view the ebooks.

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