Individualized Treatment

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Our clinically designed addiction treatment programs provide a variety of choices to best help our clients. There is no pre-set number of days, but each program has its recommended length of stay. Our programs are designed to address individual needs.

When a clinical assessment is completed, the Clinical Director will make the appropriate recommendation regarding level of care, based on criteria established by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM).

Upon admission, an individualized treatment plan is developed as a collaborative effort of the treatment team:

  • The Primary Therapist
  • Medical Director
  • Clinical Director
  • The Client

Our Individualized Treatment Programs


Primary Residential

Individuals in need of highly structured level care and supervision are often best served by our Primary Residential treatment program.

Program participants most often stay 30 days, however longer stays are available as needed.

Each individual is assigned a Primary Therapist for treatment planning and case management.

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Partial Hospitalization

Alternatives in Treatment offers a program for clients that require partial hospitalization.
This program benefits the patient by including the individual in therapeutic activities attended by those in the Primary Residential Program.

Psychiatric oversight is an important part of the program, allowing for medication management and regular visits with an assigned Primary Therapist.

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Intensive Outpatient

Available to new clients who meet the criteria and existing clients who are transitioning out of higher levels of care, the Intensive Outpatient Program is an “intensive” eight week program.

Group meetings and individual therapy sessions are included, along with regular treatment plan review.

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Medical and Psychiatric

All medication management in the Primary Residential and Partial Hospitalization programs is conducted by our board certified Medical Director. Admitted clients complete a nursing assessment as well as a physical examination with a medical professional. We also have access to a network of esteemed local medical professionals to address unique needs that require attention.

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Alternatives in Treatment coordinates with several medical detoxification facilities that hold the highest standards of quality and care for Alternatives in Treatment’s clients.

Many clients who arrive for treatment require a detox to improve their overall health and prepare them for the treatment process at Alternatives in Treatment.

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Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis treatment helps clients who are dealing with both drug/alcohol addiction and co-occurring conditions like ADHD, bi-polar disorder, and depression.

Our medical team works with clients to confront both the addiction and the other diagnosis to facilitate recovery and treatment.

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Individualized Treatment

Treatment Planning Based On What Works For You

The patient’s progress and achievement of treatment plan goals determines discharge or transition dates.

The level of care and length of stay are determined by the needs of the patient.

Our psychiatric and psychological consultants are closely involved in treatment.

This individualized treatment planning with our addiction recovery programs has been shown to improve treatment outcomes. If you or someone you love is suffering from addiction, an individualized addiction treatment program could be the answer. Contact us today to get started.

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