Giving up substance abuse is a life-long process that starts when you enter a treatment program.

Although the first step of giving up drugs or alcohol is breaking the habit and working through the primary reasons for the addiction, this process does not stop when you leave a treatment program.

Because transitioning slowly from a treatment program improves long-term success, the alumni aftercare program provides the opportunity to continue obtaining support and help when you have completed the initial treatment program.

What is our Aftercare Program?

Aftercare involves continued contact with Alternatives in Treatment after you leave the formal program. It provides you with the opportunity to stay in touch with the individuals who went through treatment with you and the professionals who helped guide you during your treatment.

The program meets once a week on Monday at 7:00 PM, which allows you to still attend to day-to-day obligations such as work. During the meeting, you are able to discuss your successes with fighting cravings, the struggles or challenges you have faced and your hopes for the future. You also hear about the struggles others are facing and have the opportunity to ask advice when you are not sure about the next step in your recovery.

The support that you receive as part of the Alternatives in Treatment family allows you to stay focused on your goals. After completing the initial treatment, you are able to stay connected with aftercare for as long as you prefer.

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Why is Aftercare Important?

Aftercare meetings are important because they allow you to stay connected and get help whenever you find yourself facing a situation that makes substance abuse tempting.

Aftercare allows you to share your concerns and worries so you remain focused on staying sober. It can also help reduce your stress levels because you feel that you’re not facing temptation and bad influences alone.

Addiction is a complicated problem and your recovery may not automatically go smoothly as soon as you finish treatment in the facility.

Depending on the level of addiction and the substance that you abused, you may face cravings or temptations to use the substance after you get through the treatment.

Aftercare helps you stay on track because it keeps you connected with others who understand the struggles you are facing.

How Does Aftercare Help?

Aftercare is a simple process: you attend the meetings and discuss the problems you are facing as well as the accomplishments that give you hope. The discussion with supportive and understanding individuals allows you to reduce your stress and alleviate some of your worries regarding the temptations you are facing.

The program continues for an extended period of time and you are eligible to attend the meetings from the first week after you leave the treatment program.

Overcoming addiction is a life-long battle that starts with treatment. Although aftercare is not as intensive as the initial treatment, it can help by providing support, gaining tips from others in your situation and staying connected with therapists who can answer questions when you are facing temptations.

Talking with one of our counselors can help you in the process of recovery.

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