The intensive outpatient program can provide the treatment you need to move forward in your life when you or a loved one is facing addiction. The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is provided to those who qualify for our outpatient program based on their current situation, which could include family obligations, treatment needs, and financial obligations.

What is Intensive Outpatient Treatment?

IOP Family Obligations

The intensive outpatient treatment program is a treatment solution that allows you to live your daily life, but still obtain treatment to fight against an addiction. In IOP, you meet approximately three times a week for about eight weeks with a primary therapist. Each treatment session lasts about three hours, during which time you will obtain basic treatment and review your goals and treatment plan. The duration of the treatment plan can vary depending on your own needs.

During the treatment, you will meet with the primary therapist individually and attend group therapy with others in the outpatient program.

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How Outpatient Treatment Helps

IOP is different from a residential program because you do not live in the rehab facility. As a result, the treatment plan focuses on meeting up regularly and helping you stay on track to meet your recovery goals one step at a time.

The intensive outpatient program provides you with the support and guidance you need to continue moving forward in life. The therapist provides information, support and suggestions that can help you work through the underlying causes and reasons that you abuse drugs or alcohol. During group therapy, you are able to discuss your concerns and gain support from others who understand your situation.

Why Outpatient Treatment Works

The intensive outpatient treatment program is a useful way to fight against addiction without being forced to take a leave of absence while undergoing treatment. The reasons why it works can depend on the individual and the situation, but a few common reasons can help determine if outpatient treatment is appropriate for your needs.

These reasons can include:

  • Support from a professional therapist
  • Identifying the underlying reasons that you abuse drugs or alcohol
  • Creating focused goals that help you recover one small step at a time

  • Tips and camaraderie from others who understand your concerns and struggles
  • The opportunity to work through the addiction while keeping up with other responsibilities

An outpatient program is not the best solution for every individual, but it can provide more flexibility to those who quality.

Starting Outpatient Addiction Treatment

The outpatient treatment program takes place at the Alternatives in Treatment facility, but you are not required to live there. You meet up during the week according to the specific program that you are involved in.

The intensive outpatient program can improve your chances of recovery by offering professional support and assistance. If you qualify for the Intensive outpatient program, it will give you support and flexibility needed to lead a drug-free lifestyle.

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