Medical and psychiatric treatment is a vital component in Alternatives in Treatment’s program for mental and physical success. The medical half of the addiction treatment program allows the use of medications for detoxification and is part of a comprehensive therapy plan. The psychiatric component of rehab addresses underlying mental health issues that may have contributed to drug and alcohol abuse in the first place.

Drug and alcohol addiction can show up in tandem with other mental health issues for many in recovery. An effective recovery plan screens for and treats co-occurring disorders at the same time.

How It Helps Clients

Comfort and stability are a must during addiction treatment, and our medical and psychiatric treatment program helps to ensure the highest possible levels of comfort and peace of mind. This first comes into play during detox and later during the therapeutic portion of addiction treatment.

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Why It Works

Abruptly quitting an addictive substance is often unsafe. Medications can help wean you off a substance by serving as a less harmful substitute while the drugs are purged from your system.

While detox is the first step in an effective program, removing the substance from your system is the first step to recovering from addiction. The substance may be gone, but the same behavioral patterns and issues that drove you to addiction may still exist. Because of this, psychiatric treatment can be extremely helpful to get to the root of the underlying issues and change the harmful patterns.
Because certain mental health issues can be helped with the use of medications, Alternatives in Treatment makes those medications available as options to treat issues that may otherwise continue to surface. Psychiatric treatment does not always include the use of medications, but having them as an option can greatly help treatment when necessary.

Even when necessary, medication is not the end-all of a treatment program. It is just one component in an overall therapy plan aimed at changing detrimental patterns and correcting biological imbalances so you may best embrace a new life in recovery.

Where It Occurs

Medical and psychiatric treatment is available where you need it most, on location at Alternatives in Treatment. Our facility’s medical director is a board certified psychiatrist who can prescribe the necessary medication for primary residential and partial hospitalization (PHP) clients.

Clients at those levels receive a psychiatric evaluation and remain under his care for medication management through the course of their treatment. Residential and PHP clients additionally receive a nursing assessment, health history and physical exam with an on-site internist or physician’s assistant to review any physical health issues that may stand in the way of recovery or overall optimum health.

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